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Why do we choose the rubs of No RubbishThe rubs from No Rubbish really contribute a lot when you want a different taste in your dishes. You don’t have to look in the drawer for your herbs and mix them in the right way, because this has already been done! They have a collection of rubs that go with all kinds of products so that they taste different every time.

We also like that they are not very sweet and salty. We are especially always looking for rubs with a little spice, without it immediately being very salty. So we succeeded!

If you like the real smoky taste of products, you can also go to No Rubbish. We ourselves like that a little less, but it is in the range.

Which rubs have we used in our dishes?

This is a summary of the rubs that we have used in our dishes. Do you want to know more about the rub itself? Then you can click on the picture, then you can read more about the rub itself and our experience.

Finse zalm
Gerookte halve zalm op de plank boven open vuur
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The No Rubbish story:

No Rubbish brings the authentic taste of the deep south of America to the European barbecue using only the freshest ingredients. By blending extremely high quality herbs and spices, our aim is to give your meat, chicken, vegetables or fruit the boost they deserve.

No Rubbish offers the following products:

  • BBQ Rubs
  • BBQ Sauces
  • BBQ Oil

Proud to be Dutch!

The products of No Rubbish are all developed together with grill masters in the Netherlands. In addition, everything is 100% developed and produced in the Netherlands. And yes, you can be proud of that!

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