Wijnkoperij platenburg

Why do we choose the wines of Wijnkoperij Platenburg?

Something for everyone, that’s what a wine shop starts with for us. Preferably with the French feeling in the shop, with the emphasis on the “old” wine countries, but with beautiful surprises from the new world. Julien’s shop on the Goudsesingel exudes France for us. Wine barrels, drawn grapes and domaine logos on the walls. And Julien’s name also comes from a wine region in France.

Ultimately, of course, it’s all about the wines themselves, and the selection is great. From surprisingly good house wines from 5 to 10 euros to the top of Burgundy of many hundreds of euros, it is all there. With always good advice, an unexpected angle of an alternative to the well-known and excellent wine-food advice. Combined with a clear webshop and fast and usually personal delivery free of charge, a clear choice for us: we want to work with this.

Which wines did we drink?

This is a summary of the wines that we have drunk with our dishes from the platenburg winery. Do you want to know more about the wine itself? Then you can click on the picture, then you can read more about the wine itself and our experience.

Their story:

Located on the Goudsesingel 332A, in the heart of Rotterdam, you will find Wijnkoperij Platenburg, the place for fine wines for more than 125 years. At the end of 2019 we were awarded the designation ‘Royal Warrant Holder’.

Wijnkoperij Platenburg in a nutshell:

  • Purveyor to the court since 2019
  • 125 years in Rotterdam
  • 4th generation store owner
  • Assortment with over 1000 wines

From 1894 to … purveyor to the court!

The story of Wijnkoperij Platenburg begins with Leo and Maria Platenburg, who started a coffee house (café) annex beer house and beer bottling plant in 1894. The barrels of beer are obtained from the d’Oranjeboom brewery on Oranjeboomstraat.

More than a century later, the Wijnkoperij transfers to the fourth generation. In 2018, Julien Platenburg will take over from his parents, Ger and Lia Platenburg, who at the time turned Wijn Koperij Platenburg into a real wine shop.

Together with advisers Pieter Pors and Daniëlle Duijvestijn-Giljam, he takes care of the ins and outs of the shop. Behind the scenes, Nadien de Visser is busy with online marketing and the website. Afterwards also regularly organizes wine courses in the Wijnkoopij. Julien’s parents – Ger and Lia Platenburg – occasionally visit neighbourhoods in the Wijnkoopij, but are now more often found in a vineyard somewhere in Europe.

Since December 2019, Wijnkoopij Platenburg has been awarded the designation Hoflevancier. The accompanying Coat of Arms shines on the facade. Literally a crowning glory!

Contact & opening hours

Wijnkoperij Platenburg
Goudsesingel 332A
3011 KK Rotterdam
Telefoon: 010-412 70 05
E-mail: info@wijnkoperijplatenburg.nl – Website

Social profiles:

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