Winter spiced Limoncello

Mrs Grill Limoncello

Winter spiced Limoncello

In the summer there is only 1 drink you can order after you have had a great meal. Limoncello! Only if it is served ice-cold.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
30 days


  • Peeler
  • Weck jar for 1 liter minimum
  • 3 bottles of 0.5 liters
  • Pan to dissolve the sugar


  • 0,7 liter 0.7 liter pure alcohol 97%
  • 6 6 biological lemons
  • 560 gram granulated sugar
  • Your own adding of winter spices
  • 0,7 liter water


  • First of all, put all the lemons in ice-cold water for an hour and then dry them well.
  • Then peel the lemons with the vegetable peeler. Peel them really as thinly as possible and only take the yellow part with you, the white part of the lemons gives it a bitter taste.
  • When you have peeled all the lemons, put the peels in the preserving jar and add all the alcohol. This is also the time to add the winter herbs according to your own taste. Now you sit this all together away for about 20 days and in a dark, cool place such as a utility room or shed.
  • After the 20 days, start dissolving the sugar in 0.7 liters of water. To do this, you must first heat the water well, otherwise the sugar will not dissolve properly. Dissolution is good when the water is completely clear again. Let this cool down well, if you put it together warm, some of the alcohol will be lost.
  • Now you are going to float the lemon peels and herbs from the alcohol so that you have a clear yellow liquid. Make sure that you do not put the lemon peels in the water to get as much flavor as possible, the peels still contain bitter oils that dissolve poorly in alcohol but well in water, which can give your drink a bitter taste. You do this together with the sugar water in a large pan or bottle so that you can mix it well. The clear color then changes into a thicker yellow liquid that you can no longer see through. Fortunately, this should be the case, the delicious sour oils from the lemons ensure this! The Limoncello is then ready.
  • Now you can divide the Limoncello over the bottles and let it cool in the freezer. Because the alcohol percentage is so high, the drink will not freeze and if you feel like it you can taste it immediately, pour it into a small glass to drink, a chilled glass is absolutely great!
Course: Drinken
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: Alcohol, Drinks, Lemon, Spices, Winter

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